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This page serves as a repository for NES-related stuff I have written over the years. If you'd like to contact me, email quietust at either or I can also be found in the #nesdev IRC channel on EFnet.


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July 24, 2008

I've heard discussion that neither Nintendulator nor Nestopia support execution of code from the MMC5's 1KB expansion RAM, suggesting that it may be due to optimizations. This is clearly not the case, and to prove it I've hacked my Copper Bars program to run on an MMC5 with part of its code located in ExRAM.
I suspect some confusion may have arisen from the fact that Nintendulator's debugger displays values of $FF within ExRAM even while executing - this is not what the CPU is actually executing, but it is what the debugger shows whenever it is viewing a region of memory it believes to contain I/O registers (which are very likely to result in side effects if they are actually read from).
This ROM image is available for download below.


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