Like...can you believe it!?

It was the annual Bubble Bursters Bash in the basement and all the big drips were there. When like right in the middle the party juice got sucked up through the pipes! Totally tubular exit! Someone or some thing had crashed our party. It was like this big flying crystal ball that spit bolts of lightning. Everyone dripped for cover except this one drip that was too cool to be... like... afraid. Like as fast as this ball came it left crashing up through floors all the way to the 16th floor. And this one cool drip pulls a detective gig and goes after it! Hope it's got insurance.

It's up to you, Drip, to rust your way up 15 floors and get the juices flowing again.

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Drip is an arcade style game with 15 floors (levels). You must move along the pipes of each floor and rust them to advance to the next level. Every 3 floors completed will entitle you to a bonus round where extra drips can be won. An extra drip will also be awarded for every 10,000 points. Bonus rounds at the ends of floors 3 and 9 contain... ah... ah warp zones. Something about the combination of hits. Collect as many drips as you can. You'll go thru them like water.

Avoid running or dripping into the acid, plasma and icecubes shooting out of pipes. Also avoid electric bubbles and coils, lasers and the crystal balls followers chasing you. Every now and then clouds float by and clean the pipes. Stop them by dripping into them.

You can get a little help from party balloons and bubbles that float by. A red heart balloon will cause chasers to rust pipes. A yellow star balloon will allow you to chase them. A flashing drip balloon makes you almost invincible. Bubbles are useful for riding around in while still being able to rust pipes. They also protect you from acid, plasma, icecubes and electric coils. You may exit a bubble by pressing the firebutton.

Floor 16 is where no drip has gone before. You must do what you do best and then shut down the pumps atop the pipes by shorting out their flashing switches. This may make the head honcho bent out of shape so be prepared. Look for its weak spot and you'll go down in 'Drip' history with a golden drip displayed next to your score (If you make the top ten).


Originally developed by Art Skiles in 1989 for the Amiga 500, Drip is being brought to the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. Every last bit of the game is being rewritten from scratch to bring this challenging game to the NES/Famicom homebrew community.

Grab a copy of Nintendulator and try out the latest build (last updated Tue, 25 May 2021 17:26:33 +0000). Most of the game is in place, though there are still a few important things left to implement (such as bonus rounds and the final boss), so be patient!

If you're an emulator author and you'd like to support this game, please read the mapper documentation; to see an example implementation, download the mapper sources for Nintendulator.

If you've got an Amiga (or an Amiga emulator), be sure to also try out the original version.

Drip is Copyright (c) 1989, Art Skiles. All italic text on this page is quoted from the original game manual.