Ascension History

NumberDateLevelClassSignAdventuresDaysPathSkill taken
102/28/0613Seal Clubber(none)4,18546 Normal, No PathBatter Up!
* First run, whee! Took a really long time, though...
203/11/0612PastamancerMarmot2,42713 Normal, No PathPastamastery
* Starting to get the hang of things now
303/16/0611Disco BanditPackrat1,1316 Normal, No PathAdvanced Cocktailcrafting
* First real 'speed' ascension, interrupted by Halloween and ended with St. Sneaky Pete's Day.
404/05/0615SaucerorWallaby4,16621 Normal, No PathAdvanced Saucecrafting
* Started off with a blue traffic cone, did a bit of peak farming to work up some funds (helped by the Feast of Boris), took a trip to The Spectral Pickle Factory, collected Spooky Gravy Fairy and Sleazy Gravy Fairy, and made a few bottles of advanced wine
504/16/0613Turtle TamerVole2,31012 Normal, No PathAmphibian Sympathy
* Ascended on St. Sneaky Pete's Oyster Day, grew another batch of 4th generation mushrooms for wine
604/28/0614PastamancerOpossum2,69913 Normal, No PathLeash of Linguini
* Another Oyster Egg Day, taking a bit of time off to farm the peak
705/08/0614Accordion ThiefOpossum2,14010 Normal, No PathThe Moxious Madrigal
* More peak farming - can never have too much Meat
805/20/0614Seal ClubberWallaby2,73313 Normal, No PathThrust-Smack
* Got last elemental gravy fairy, grew another set of 4th gen mushrooms for more wine
905/24/0611SaucerorPackrat9775 Normal, No PathElemental Saucesphere
* And time to start 'speed' ascending to gather skills
1005/27/0612Seal ClubberPackrat1,0405 Normal, No PathDouble-Fisted Skull Smashing
1105/31/0612SaucerorPlatypus7974 Normal, No PathImpetuous Sauciness
1206/05/0612Accordion ThiefPackrat1,2626 Normal, No PathThe Ode to Booze
1306/09/0612SaucerorOpossum1,1375 Normal, No PathExpert Panhandling
1406/13/0612Seal ClubberBlender1,1205 Normal, No PathLunging Thrust-Smack
1506/16/0611PastamancerBlender9584 Normal, No PathTorso Awaregness
1607/11/0618Disco BanditPackrat6,69826 Normal, No PathSmooth Movement
* Took a break, farmed the peak, collected six trophies
1707/15/0615Seal ClubberOpossum1,3235 Normal, No PathPulverize
* Back to business as usual - time to start collecting the level 15 skills (and other useful ones)
1807/18/0615SaucerorOpossum1,0684 Normal, No PathThe Way of Sauce
1907/23/0613Disco BanditOpossum1,6236 Normal, No PathAmbidextrous Funkslinging
2007/27/0615PastamancerOpossum1,3755 Normal, No PathTranscendental Noodlecraft
2107/31/0612Turtle TamerOpossum1,3945 Normal, No PathEmpathy of the Newt
2208/03/0613SaucerorOpossum1,1134 Normal, No PathDiminished Gag Reflex
2308/08/0614Accordion ThiefOpossum1,6306 Normal, No PathThe Sonata of Sneakiness
2408/12/0612PastamancerOpossum1,3595 Normal, No PathSpirit of Ravioli
2508/16/0613Seal ClubberOpossum1,3325 Normal, No PathNorthern Exposure
2608/19/0612PastamancerOpossum1,0804 Normal, No PathSpringy Fusilli
2708/24/0615Disco BanditOpossum1,6626 Normal, No PathSuperhuman Cocktailcrafting
2808/27/0613PastamancerOpossum1,0674 Normal, No PathTolerance of the Kitchen
2908/29/0613Turtle TamerOpossum8143 Normal, No PathCold-Blooded Fearlessness
* Decided to try and do teetdrop without the aid of a stat day, and turned out to be successful. Now I can ascend 50% more often!
3008/31/0611Turtle TamerOpossum8403 Normal, No PathWisdom of the Elder Tortoises
3109/03/0614SaucerorOpossum1,1064 Normal, No PathIrrepressible Spunk
3209/04/0611Disco BanditOpossum5262 Normal, No PathMad Looting Skillz
* And so, entirely by accident, I just managed my very first 2-day ascension!
3309/05/0611Accordion ThiefOpossum4912 Normal, No PathFat Leon's Phat Loot Lyric
* And another one! Must be related to the new Avalanche! adventure at The Icy Peak and the fact that I can get 2 good Moxie weapons without using any pulls.
3409/09/0614Disco BanditOpossum 1,3615 Normal, No PathHeart of Polyester
3509/12/0613SaucerorOpossum1,1134 Normal, No PathStream of Sauce
3609/13/0611Seal ClubberOpossum5052 Normal, No PathClaws of the Walrus
* Looks like my newly collected item drop skills were enough to push me past the 3-day barrier for both Muscle and Moxie. In this case, however, I was also lucky enough to find 2 tower items while farming (which I would have otherwise had to pull).
3709/14/0611Seal ClubberOpossum4922 Normal, No PathAudacity of the Otter
* Yep - that was enough to push me past the threshold.
3809/16/0611Seal ClubberOpossum8043 Normal, No PathTongue of the Walrus
3909/17/0611SaucerorPackrat5022 Normal, No PathPowers of Observatiogn
* In fact, it looks like I can now consistently pull off 2 day runs whenever the 2nd day is a stat day.
4009/19/0611SaucerorOpossum8053 Normal, No PathIntrinsic Spiciness
4109/20/0611Disco BanditOpossum5212 Normal, No PathOverdeveloped Sense of Self Preservation
4209/21/0611Accordion ThiefOpossum4902 Normal, No PathAloysius' Antiphon of Aptitude
4309/24/0614Accordion ThiefOpossum1,0834 Normal, No PathCarlweather's Cantata of Confrontation
4409/25/0611PastamancerPackrat4832 Normal, No PathCosmic Ugnderstanding
4509/28/0612PastamancerOpossum1,2524 Normal, No PathCannelloni Cocoon
4609/29/0611Seal ClubberOpossum4782 Normal, No PathRage of the Reindeer
4709/29/0611Turtle TamerOpossum4412 Normal, No PathTenacity of the Snapper
4810/02/0614Seal ClubberOpossum7513 Normal, No PathMusk of the Moose
4910/03/0611PastamancerPackrat4852 Normal, No PathGnomish Hardigness
5010/05/0611SaucerorBlender7633 Normal, No PathGnefarious Pickpocketing
* What better way to celebrate my 50th ascension than with a shiny new trophy!
5110/06/0611Disco BanditOpossum5052 Normal, No PathNimble Fingers
5210/07/0611Accordion ThiefOpossum4582 Normal, No PathJackasses' Symphony of Destruction
5310/10/0615Accordion ThiefOpossum1,0864 Normal, No PathUr-Kel's Aria of Annoyance
5410/11/0611PastamancerOpossum4702 Normal, No PathEntangling Noodles
5510/14/0612PastamancerOpossum9854 Normal, No PathLasagna Bandages
5610/15/0611Turtle TamerOpossum4772 Normal, No PathSkin of the Leatherback
5710/16/0611Seal ClubberOpossum4332 Normal, No PathHide of the Walrus
5810/18/0615Turtle TamerOpossum8323 Normal, No PathTao of the Terrapin
5910/19/0611SaucerorOpossum4562 Normal, No PathSaucy Salve
6010/21/0612SaucerorOpossum8123 Normal, No PathJalapeño Saucesphere
6110/22/0611Accordion ThiefOpossum4662 Normal, No PathCletus's Canticle of Celerity
6210/23/0611Disco BanditOpossum4492 Normal, No PathDisco Fever
6310/26/0613Disco BanditOpossum1,0704 Normal, No PathDisco Face Stab
6410/27/0611SaucerorOpossum4502 Normal, No PathMaster Saucier
6510/30/0614PastamancerOpossum1,1334 Normal, No PathFlavour of Magic
6610/30/0611Seal ClubberOpossum3982 Normal, No PathSuper-Advanced Meatsmithing
* A significant milestone - less than 400 adventures! Of course, my next run will do even better...
6710/31/0611Turtle TamerOpossum3612 Normal, No PathArmorcraftiness
* And a new record speed run! In order to go any faster, though, I'm going to need to switch to sombrero...
6811/02/0612Turtle TamerOpossum8043 Normal, No PathReptilian Fortitude
6911/04/0611SaucerorOpossum4682 Normal, No PathSaucestorm
7011/05/0612PastamancerOpossum8373 Normal, No PathRavioli Shurikens
7111/07/0611Accordion ThiefOpossum4292 Normal, No PathThe Polka of Plenty
7211/08/0611Disco BanditOpossum4482 Normal, No PathDisco Eye-Poke
7311/11/0612Accordion ThiefOpossum1,0974 Normal, No PathMoxie of the Mariachi
* Whoops - was going to take Stevedave's Shanty of Superiority, but I forgot to buy it. It's okay, though - I was going to get the trivial skills anyways for the trophy, and I don't really need Shanty that much.
7411/12/0611PastamancerOpossum4332 Normal, No PathCannelloni Cannon
7511/15/0612SaucerorOpossum1,0894 Normal, No PathWave of Sauce
7611/16/0611Turtle TamerOpossum4362 Normal, No PathGhostly Shell
7711/17/0611Seal ClubberOpossum4142 Normal, No PathFortitude of the Muskox
7811/19/0612Turtle TamerOpossum7933 Normal, No PathAstral Shell
7911/20/0611PastamancerOpossum4422 Normal, No PathStuffed Mortar Shell
8011/22/0612SaucerorOpossum8163 Normal, No PathSaucegeyser
8111/23/0611Accordion ThiefOpossum3982 Normal, No PathStevedave's Shanty of Superiority
8211/24/0611Disco BanditOpossum4032 Normal, No PathDisco Dance of Doom
* Disaster struck - on the 23rd, I managed to only eat 3 hi meins and adventure for the larva, forgetting to use the rest of my adventures (to teetdrop and use a nightcap drink). By sheer luck, I still managed to ascend, with only 15 turns to spare.
8311/25/0611Disco BanditOpossum4592 Normal, No PathTango of Terror
8411/26/0611Disco BanditOpossum4883 Normal, TeetotalerDisco Aerobics
* A change of pace - rather than waste my time with a 4-day ascension, why not ascend into a 3-day pathed run and pick up an extra skill AND bonus item while I'm at it?
8511/28/0611PastamancerOpossum4282 Normal, No PathWeapon of the Pastalord
8611/28/0611SaucerorOpossum4612 Normal, No PathScarysauce
8711/29/0611Turtle TamerOpossum4412 Normal, TeetotalerPatience of the Tortoise
* Wow. A 2-day Teetotaler run without a stat day. Guess I'll do another one while I'm at it...
8811/30/0611Accordion ThiefOpossum4602 Normal, No PathThe Power Ballad of the Arrowsmith
* ...or not. I guess #87 was just lucky.
8912/02/0611Seal ClubberOpossum4502 Normal, No PathBlubber Up
9012/03/0612Turtle TamerOpossum5252 Normal, No PathShieldbutt
9112/05/0614Turtle TamerOpossum8083 Normal, No PathHero of the Half-Shell
9212/06/0611SaucerorOpossum3783 Normal, No PathSauce Contemplation
9312/08/0611PastamancerOpossum5372 Normal, No PathFearful Fettucini
9412/09/0611Accordion ThiefOpossum4183 Normal, No PathDirge of Dreadfulness
* Busy day, plus attending the company Christmas party prevented me from ascending and using my initial turns, so Mojomuscular can wait until later. Or I can just do it after I get Kneebutt, should I manage to do another 2-day teetotaler.
9512/11/0611Disco BanditOpossum3702 Normal, No PathDisco Dance II: Electric Boogaloo
9612/11/0611Turtle TamerOpossum3942 Normal, TeetotalerKneebutt
* Another 2-day Teetotaler run without a stat day. Looks like I can only reliably do these with Muscle classes (what with the better Gallery gains to my main stat).
9712/12/0611Accordion ThiefOpossum5462 Normal, No PathThe Psalm of Pointiness
9812/13/0611PastamancerOpossum3692 Normal, TeetotalerManicotti Meditation
9912/14/0611SaucerorOpossum3942 Normal, TeetotalerCLEESH
10012/16/0611Turtle TamerOpossum4562 Normal, TeetotalerHeadbutt
* One hundred ascensions! Only eight more to go before I run out of skills to take (excluding Rigatoni, of course)...
10112/17/0611Accordion ThiefOpossum5532 Normal, No PathBrawnee's Anthem of Absorption
10212/18/0611Turtle TamerOpossum4432 Normal, TeetotalerSpectral Snapper
10312/18/0611Seal ClubberOpossum4502 Normal, TeetotalerSnarl of the Timberwolf
10412/19/0611Seal ClubberOpossum3942 Normal, No PathSeal Clubbing Frenzy
* I am now Trivially Skilled. Hooray.
10512/25/0614Accordion ThiefOpossum1,6646 Normal, No PathThe Magical Mojomuscular Melody
* Happy Crimboween!
10612/25/0611Disco BanditOpossum3572 Normal, TeetotalerAdventurer of Leisure
* And a new speed record. Amusing that I'd set it as a teetotaler...
10712/26/0611Disco BanditOpossum3712 Normal, TeetotalerDisco Nap
10801/02/0713Seal ClubberMarmot1,3688 Normal, OxygenarianChronic Indigestion
* That's all, folks! Without any more desirable skills to collect, it's time to introduce a new challenge into the game...
10901/14/0711Seal ClubberPackrat1,52012 Hardcore, No PathLunging Thrust-Smack
11001/22/0711Seal ClubberPackrat1,11610 Hardcore, No PathBatter Up!
11102/02/0711SaucerorPackrat1,30712 Hardcore, No PathAdvanced Saucecrafting
11202/10/0711PastamancerBlender1,2719 Hardcore, No PathPastamastery
11302/16/0711Disco BanditBlender1,1197 Hardcore, No PathAdvanced Cocktailcrafting
11402/22/0711Turtle TamerBlender1,0447 Hardcore, No PathAmphibian Sympathy
11502/27/0711Accordion ThiefOpossum9466 Hardcore, No PathThe Moxious Madrigal
11603/05/0711Disco BanditOpossum1,0287 Hardcore, No PathMad Looting Skillz
11703/11/0711Turtle TamerOpossum1,0447 Hardcore, No PathEmpathy of the Newt
11803/17/0711Accordion ThiefOpossum9216 Hardcore, No PathFat Leon's Phat Loot Lyric
11903/22/0711SaucerorOpossum9736 Hardcore, No PathElemental Saucesphere
12003/28/0715Seal ClubberMongoose1,2517 Hardcore, No PathPulverize
12104/02/0711PastamancerOpossum1,0086 Hardcore, No PathLeash of Linguini
12204/06/0711PastamancerOpossum9946 Hardcore, No PathSpringy Fusilli
12304/10/0712Seal ClubberOpossum8835 Hardcore, No PathDouble-Fisted Skull Smashing
* Nothing like using the Feast of Boris to get a nice head-start. Further 5-day runs are probably quite a ways off, though...
12404/16/0712PastamancerOpossum9996 Hardcore, No PathCannelloni Cocoon
12504/19/0711Accordion ThiefOpossum8455 Hardcore, No PathJackasses' Symphony of Destruction
* Another 5-day run, and a new speed record, thanks to the very welcome appearance of banana cream pies at Chez Snootée.
12604/23/0711Seal ClubberOpossum8455 Hardcore, No PathThrust-Smack
* Thus begins my Hardcore Oxygenarian loop...
12705/04/0711Seal ClubberMongoose77712 Hardcore, OxygenarianTongue of the Walrus
12805/15/0711Turtle TamerMongoose73112 Hardcore, OxygenarianWisdom of the Elder Tortoises
12905/23/0713Disco BanditMongoose6869 Hardcore, OxygenarianSmooth Movement
* NS13 has finally been announced - I now have even more of a reason to finish these 3 last runs as quickly as possible...
13006/02/0713Accordion ThiefMongoose69311 Hardcore, OxygenarianThe Sonata of Sneakiness
13106/12/0711PastamancerMongoose71611 Hardcore, OxygenarianSpirit of Ravioli
* One more run to go, and with impeccable timing - with luck, I'll step through the gash on the very day NS13 arrives.
13206/22/0711SaucerorMongoose88811 Hardcore, OxygenarianSaucy Salve
* Slightly ahead of schedule, this gives me exactly enough time to perm my final Normal skill.
13306/25/0711PastamancerOpossum3793 Normal, No PathSpirit of Rigatoni
All runs beyond this point are NS13
13406/28/0713Seal ClubberWallaby9004 CasualN/A
13507/02/0713PastamancerOpossum1,0425 Normal, No PathSpirit of Rigatoni
* Due to a certain bug, I didn't actually perm Spirit of Rigatoni before, so I'm perming it again.
13607/05/0713Turtle TamerMongoose9024 CasualN/A
13707/09/0713Accordion ThiefOpossum1,0005 Normal, No PathReally Expensive Jewelrycrafting
13807/12/0713SaucerorOpossum1,0094 Normal, No Pathno skill
* Feast of Boris helped finish this one early, and it'll also give the next one a head start.
13907/15/0713Seal ClubberOpossum1,0024 Normal, No Pathno skill
14008/28/0730SaucerorOpossum12,28945 CasualN/A
* Got a few trophies and a Telescope, did some farming and played the market a bit, generally kicked back and relaxed.
14109/05/0715Seal ClubberOpossum1,9089 Normal, No Pathno skill
* Starting a series of runs to collect all of the Level 12 quest rewards.
14209/10/0713Turtle TamerOpossum1,2106 CasualN/A
14309/13/0713PastamancerOpossum9574 CasualN/A
14409/16/0713Accordion ThiefOpossum9334 CasualN/A
14509/19/0713Seal ClubberOpossum7764 CasualN/A
14609/23/0713SaucerorOpossum1,0145 Normal, No Pathno skill
14709/29/0715Accordion ThiefOpossum1,6637 CasualN/A
14810/03/0714Seal ClubberOpossum1,1255 CasualN/A
14910/06/0713Turtle TamerOpossum8354 CasualN/A
15010/09/0713PastamancerOpossum9514 CasualN/A
15110/12/0713Disco BanditOpossum7524 CasualN/A
* And now I've got them all. All that remains now is to get extra zero-sidequest medals and another Wossname.
15210/16/0714SaucerorPackrat1,2315 CasualN/A
* A side-run to do the new Gnome quest.
15311/12/0730PastamancerOpossum7,23128 CasualN/A
* ...and another Telescope + Level 30 Trophy run.
15411/19/0715SaucerorOpossum1,7518 CasualN/A
15511/30/0713Turtle TamerMongoose1,89612 Hardcore, No PathShieldbutt
* First Hardcore run under NS13, done without clovers to see how bad a Bad Moon lead-in would be. I'd take the plunge, but Crimbo is coming up and I don't want to miss any of it. Will do another Telescope + Level 30 Trophy run next, this time as a Muscle class, and enjoy Crimbo in the meanwhile.
15601/13/0830Seal ClubberMongoose11,81245 CasualN/A
* Another Level 30 trophy and telescope upgrade, and now back through Hardcore and into Bad Moon.
15701/22/0813Disco BanditMongoose1,63310 Hardcore, No PathAmbidextrous Funkslinging
15802/10/0814Seal ClubberBad Moon2,24420 HardcoreMusk of the Moose
* Don't want to miss St. Sneaky Pete's Day, so dropping back to Casual to do a bit of battlefield farming.
15902/20/0817Accordion ThiefOpossum2,92811 CasualN/A
16003/01/0813Disco BanditMongoose1,71011 Hardcore, No PathOverdeveloped Sense of Self Preservation
16103/17/0813Disco BanditBad Moon2,04717 HardcoreTorso Awaregness
16204/02/0813Accordion ThiefBad Moon1,92117 HardcoreThe Ode to Booze
16304/23/0815SaucerorBad Moon2,57522 HardcoreThe Way of Sauce
16405/12/0813PastamancerBad Moon2,30920 HardcoreEntangling Noodles
16505/29/0814Turtle TamerBad Moon2,12118 HardcoreHero of the Half-Shell
* Brimstone outfit complete.
16607/02/0830Turtle TamerOpossum9,97435 CasualN/A
16708/10/0830Disco BanditBlender11,63640 CasualN/A
16810/10/0830Accordion ThiefWallaby16,98262 CasualN/A
16910/27/0821Seal ClubberOpossum5,05118 CasualN/A
17011/07/0817SaucerorOpossum3,27212 CasualN/A
17111/25/0819PastamancerOpossum5,32219 CasualN/A
All runs beyond this point track Aftercore separately (in parentheses).
* Some Crimbo farming and level grinding, a bit of Hobopolis, some undersea adventuring, and my 7th basement run to complete my telescope. Time to go back into Hardcore...
Disco BanditBlender1,567
Hardcore, BoozetafarianSuperhuman Cocktailcrafting
Hardcore, No PathTranscendental Noodlecraft
Accordion ThiefOpossum1,738
Hardcore, No PathThe Magical Mojomuscular Melody
Turtle TamerOpossum1,734
Hardcore, No PathTao of the Terrapin
Accordion ThiefOpossum1,608
Hardcore, No PathUr-Kel's Aria of Annoyance
Accordion ThiefBlender1,591
Hardcore, No PathPowers of Observatiogn
Turtle TamerOpossum1,656
Hardcore, No PathArmorcraftiness
Accordion ThiefOpossum1,529
Hardcore, TeetotalerCarlweather's Cantata of Confrontation
Seal ClubberOpossum1,689
Hardcore, No PathRage of the Reindeer
Disco BanditWallaby1,349
Hardcore, No PathAdventurer of Leisure
Hardcore, No PathImpetuous Sauciness
* Finally finished off lucre farming, acquiring both Olfaction and the Hound Dog
Disco BanditWallaby4,813
Hardcore, No PathNimble Fingers
* Got the Gourdcore and Golden Meat Stack trophies
Turtle TamerWallaby1,581
Hardcore, No PathAstral Shell
Seal ClubberVole1,462
Hardcore, No PathSuper-Advanced Meatsmithing
Turtle TamerWallaby1,927
Hardcore, No PathSkin of the Leatherback
Accordion ThiefWallaby1,432
Hardcore, No PathThe Power Ballad of the Arrowsmith
Hardcore, No PathMaster Saucier
Hardcore, No PathFlavour of Magic
* Pastamancer nemesis quest completed
Turtle TamerVole1,516
Hardcore, No PathCold-Blooded Fearlessness
* Turtle Tamer nemesis quest completed
Accordion ThiefVole1,485
Hardcore, No PathThe Polka of Plenty
* Accordion Thief nemesis quest completed
Valhalla has been rebuilt - now, Hardcore ascensions can upgrade 2 Permanent skills to Hardcore Permanent at once.
Seal ClubberWallaby1,527
Hardcore, No PathNorthern Exposure
Natural Born Skeleton Killer
* Seal Clubber nemesis quest completed. Took a very long break from KoL.
Disco BanditVole1,423
Hardcore, No PathDiminished Gag Reflex
Heart of Polyester
* Disco Bandit nemesis quest completed.
Hardcore, No PathAudacity of the Otter
Claws of the Walrus
Snarl of the Timberwolf
* Sauceror nemesis quest completed.
Accordion ThiefVole1,364
Hardcore, Bees Hate YouInigo's Incantation of Inspiration
Inigo's Incantation of Inspiration
Unaccompanied Miner
* I hate bees just as much as they hate me...
Seal ClubberMongoose?9
Hardcore, No PathUnaccompanied Miner
Tolerance of the Kitchen
* Very long hiatus
NumberDateLevelClassSignAdventuresDaysPathSkill taken



(Skill Checker summary)